Comprehensive IT

Infrastructure Monitoring

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Single-point Access

to Global Network

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Convergence with

Industrial Networks

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Centralised Monitoring

of Scalable Intranet

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Powerful Network


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Employee Resource


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Centralised Network


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Centralised Application

Support Management

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Centralised Technical

Support Management

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Centralised or

Distributed SANs

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Network Scalability

on Global Scale

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Remote Control

Management System

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Instant Messaging

and Communication

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Limiting & Allowing

Access Controls

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XNet Enterprise Features

IT Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitoring covers all layers of infrastructure including software, network, storage, memory, operating systems, database middleware security, applications etc. Monitor servers, VMs, network devices, and applications from a unified dashboard. Use historic data to plan for future multiple servers capacity needs. Track service-level performance trends for SLA compliance and reporting. The system can monitor and minimize vulnerabilities in distributed systems.

Single-point Access to Global Network

XNet retains legacy and leadership to monitor and control nodes present in all locations within your city or country-wide, you might have multinational presence i.e say 80 offices globally with 200,000 nodes, yet it can seemlessly work efficiently error free no matter nodes located behind firewall or proxy or across routers in public or private network. All can be monitored from your dashboard on one screen or multiple screens with different administrators.

IT & Industrial Networks Convergence

Over past decade the industry has emerged a drastic change in adopting new technologies both in manufacturing and corporate networks. Currently the convergence of IT and Industrial networks has given rise to generating enormous data which are used for monitoring and predictive analysis. XNet Systems bridges IT and Industrial machineries to respond & share electrical and electronic data into graphical study for performance and integrity.

Centralised Monitoring of Scalable Intranet

Large corporates or government organisations sometimes are not comfortable exposing their network to public. XNet Systems addresses such needs by deploying in-house implementation over private network supporting thousands to lakhs of nodes to share and exchange informations and generate reports for predictive analysis of networks, employee resource management and seemless support systems offered by XNet Enterprise.

Powerful Network Auditing

Network auditing is a powerful component to determine companies growth index where it keeps track of network hardware, software, services, topologies, security, health of computing perfomance and predictive analysis of current and future needs which are vital to business. XNet seemlessly addresses this challenge.

Employee Resource Management

One of major fulfillments of XNet software is to help manage employee performance, effectiveness and minimizing the threats from insiders attack. It does the most difficult task of managing people. It is easy to address external threats and equally difficult to minimize the risks that arise from existing employees.

Centralised Network Configuration

No matter your company has office locations within your city, across country-wide or multinational presence, your neworks can be managed, configured, customized and administered from single location irrespective of size with XNet platform. You can drastically cut cost in ongoing maintenance and can always seek experts at any point of time with ease and flexibilty the system provides. Networks & Security experts are expensive, with XNet you can outsource exceptonally skilled professionals to configure, upgrade and maintain your enterprise network even staying distant separated minimizing cost & time delay without compromising security.

Centralised & Distributed SANs

XNet platform provides Centralised and Distributed Storage Area Network Management Systems which can be controlled and managed centrally from Dashboard. Imagine your company has strength of more than 25000 working from terminal, it will be difficult supporting them everytime with software installations and maintenance without compromising delay. All necessay software and files can be stored in private SAN and can be supported to each individual with necessary support by accessing essentials from private SAN even staying across public network. SAN features are exceptionally beneficial for large corporates and government organisations.

Centralised Technical Support

Over years XNet has been a platform to demonstrate scalability, reachability, monitoring and yet with seemless technical support features. With its in-built modules enterprises have leveraged through powerful centralised resource availablity functionalities to make client machines run error free. The up-time is increased drastically by its beautiful covergence of networks and hardwares.

Centralised Applications Support

Softwares and applications being the core of organisational IT Infrastructure that decide how smartly and efficiently an enterprise achieve their business goals. XNet platform keeps track of continuous monitoring of the health of software and its services of all machines connected online or offline irrespective of being connected to public or private networks. It gives us minute report of all such elements to assess if the systems are running within compliance so that necessary corrective actions are taken.

Network Scalability

XNet started with a desire to take an experience people love and make it better. To make it even simpler, more useful and fast. Over years with increasing demand for more connected devices and faster response-time, XNet continuously re-engineered and coded its software that is more close to hardware for quick processing giving rooms for more and more machines getting wired without compromising performance. Virtually it can scale to infinite systems now with nil performance degradation.

Limiting & Allowing Access Controls

XNet platform can remotely control machines by allowing or limiting hardware resources the users are connected to. It can disable remotely any usb port, storage devices or CDROM drives to curb internal security threats.

Monitoring & Managing Networks for Enterprises and Global Network

XNet System's software connects every computer under public and private network within or outside an enterprise whether a node resides within a city or any location world-wide for monitoring, auditing and controlling network operations for businesses. It can scale to infinite number of nodes that can connect virtually every single computer on internet or in private domain